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Ubiquitous Work, Uniquely us

Delta Construction & Siding Ltd.: Your Trusted Exterior Finishing Experts in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

For nearly three decades, Delta Construction & Siding Ltd. has been the cornerstone of excellence in exterior finishing, proudly serving the Calgary community and its neighbouring regions. As a devoted, family-owned company, we deeply understand the significance of homes – they're where we rest, create, and thrive, where we build our lives and our most cherished memories. When you choose Delta, you're choosing an experience that's as remarkable as the final result.

From Roofing to Trim, Siding, Soffit, and Eavestroughs, we've got you covered—literally and figuratively.

Delta Points of Culture

Our commitment to excellence has garnered us the industry's highest awards and honors, recognizing our unwavering passion for delivering the best. It's this commitment and recognition that inspire so many of our clients to entrust us with building their next home.


We prioritize respecting everyone we interact with by actively listening, affirming their contributions, and being consistently polite.


Honesty and authenticity are at our core. We make decisions based on what's right and stand behind our promises.


We uphold high standards in every aspect of our behavior, ensuring consistency, dependability, and professionalism for our customers and team.


We never compromise on safety, putting the well-being of our customers and team members first and continually enhancing our safety standards.


We are dedicated team members, fostering a positive working environment, upholding our culture, and trusting each member to fulfill their roles.


We see leadership as a service, focusing on inspiring and guiding others to achieve our common goals and vision.


We take full responsibility for our communication, ensuring clarity and accountability in all interactions.


We are committed to continuous learning and sharing knowledge to provide greater value to our customers and industry.


We seek harmony between our professional and personal lives, staying focused and engaged wherever we are.


We know how to balance professionalism with enjoyment, influencing a positive atmosphere through our mood and behavior.

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