Complete reformation of Alberta Construction Standards through transparency, accountability, communication and trust.


Our organization will provide uncompromising service and superior quality workmanship that exceeds customer expectations. We will build long lasting relationships with our builders, customers, suppliers, subcontractors and employees based on respect, professionalism and integrity. We will recruit, train, and continually educate every member of our team to ensure our knowledge and skills remain at the top of the industry. We will continue with the passion and commitment we have built over the past quarter century, but never rest upon our reputation. We will strive to prove ourselves everyday, on every project.

Our team will be proud to uphold and work within our 10 Points of Culture, and will be proud to work towards our vision. We will ensure everyone on our team holds an integral part in our success, and that each unique background and personalized skill set provides a wide array of knowledge, solutions, and personality to our team.

Our customers will value their relationship with us and respect our culture. We will work with those individuals and companies who expect professionalism and elite service.  We will work for individuals and companies whose values and principles align with our own.

We will continue to increase our business resources, knowledge and ensure our team is up to date with current equipment, tools, methodologies, technologies, and training.

Points of Culture


I will show respect to all customers, team members, suppliers, partners, and individuals. I will show my respect through truly listening and affirming reception of others’ thoughts, ideas, and contributions. I will be polite at all times. I never forget that I must earn the respect of others over time, and that respect that has taken years to strengthen can also vanish in a single moment. I will strive to consider the situation and viewpoints of everyone I interact with so I can be as respectful as possible of their goals, concerns, and priorities. My respect extends equally to all people.


I will always speak the truth, make decisions and take action based on ‘what’ is right not ‘who’ is right. I will be honest and true with myself first, and strive to be authentic and earn a reputation of always being honest. I will only speak or write things that I believe to be true, and I will deliver and stand behind any promises I have made.


I hold myself to a standard of professionalism at all times. I acknowledge that my professionalism must be practiced in the way I communicate, the way I ‘show up’, the way I follow through, my punctuality, my relationships, and every other aspect of my behavior and actions. Regardless of fluctuations, changes, delays, interactions or other external factors I will never forget I am in charge of my own professionalism. I am consistent in my mindset, behaviours and actions to ensure customers and team members can count on me. I will follow our systems and protocols and will contribute ideas to the improvement of our systems whenever I can. I remember that my customers trust me for my professionalism, standards and consistency. I am dependable, attentive and responsive.


I will never compromise safety. The immediate and indirect safety of customers, team members, and all individuals is my primary consideration at all times. I follow my safety training, my company safety protocols, and look for ways to enhance our safety standards at every occasion.


I work to be a good team member everyday. I acknowledge I am part of an immediate team, a larger team, and an industry wide team at any given time. I proactively contribute to a positive working environment and support other members at all times. I will ensure my actions are moving towards our vision and I trust all members of my team to fulfill their roles and duties. I will always uphold our points of culture - living them myself first. I recognize that our wins are thanks to a contribution from each individual on our team.


I believe the first duty of leadership is service, and I always remember that I serve my company, my team members, my customers, and my community. I focus on bringing inspiration and guidance to all whom I lead. As a leader I influence my role, my team, my customers’ experience, my company, my industry, and my community. As a leader I do my part to propel the team towards achieving our common goal and our vision.


I take complete responsibility for my communication and understand my communication includes my written and spoken words, my tone, and my body language. I communicate directly and factually. I understand project timelines, details, customer requests, relationships, and every aspect of our business can be ruined with poor communication. I never assume and I proactively communicate at all times. I will be accountable to respond quickly, professionally and effectively. The nature and pace of my role and industry will have me adapting to situations and incidents, yet I will respond quicker and stronger because of my proactive preparation habits. I will recognize and communicate admirable effort, results, deeds, wins, and actions with specific and sincere language.


I have thorough knowledge yet I am always looking to increase and expand my knowledge. I consistently learn to become of greater value to my customers, my team, and my industry. I am open and receptive to others who offer me knowledge, and I abundantly share my knowledge with others. I keep current and updated with ever-changing trends in the industry, business, and never rest on my current knowledge base.


I will continually seek to be in harmony with my professional and personal life. When I am at work I will be focused and intentional on my work, and when I am living life I will be focused and intentional on living life. I will be present and engaged with where I currently am, and who I am with. I understand everything I do is better when I have balance in my life.


I can be completely professional and also have fun. I am aware of how my communication, mood, behaviour and actions influence others’ ability to have fun. I will strive to have fun and allow myself to enjoy a laugh whenever possible.